Range of control units for medium sized and industrial/commercial boilers

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Vitotronic control system

From single boiler to multi boiler systems with central switchgear, Viessmann supplies perfectly matched solutions. The Vitotronic control system with communication capability is an electronic management system for economical and reliable operation of the heating system – and is exemplary in its installation, operation and maintenance.

A wide range of control units is available for medium sized and industrial/commercial boilers. In addition to integral control units, such as those in the Vitocrossal 300 (CM3C) gas condensing boiler for example, there are also traditional versions that can be mounted on top of the boiler:

  • Vitotronic 100 as a constant boiler control unit
  • Vitotronic 200 as a weather-compensated single boiler control unit
  • Vitotronic 300 as a weather-compensated boiler control unit with integral cascade function

All versions have an integral communication module with a LAN/WiFi interface for servicing and remote control. A mixer extension for two heating circuits with mixer is part of the standard delivery for the Vitotronic 300, and is available as an accessory for the Vitotronic 200.

Colour touchscreen

The proven and reliable Vitotronic control unit has been completely redesigned and aligned with the requirements of modern system communication. The colour touchscreen at the front of the boiler immediately catches the eye.

Convenient heating circuit control

The Vitotronic  200-H is a weather-compensated control unit for three heating circuits with mixer. If there are more heating circuits than this, up to 32 Vitotronic 200-H heating circuit control units can be connected via LON. This means that systems with up to 96  heating circuits can be controlled very easily.

Vitocontrol multi mode system control unit

The Vitocontrol is a powerful system control unit with graphic user interface. It can display all output and consumption details of an energy system and can be individually adjusted. The Vitocontrol 200-M is suitable for operating dual and multi mode heating systems with up to four heat generators and various combinations of oil/gas boiler, CHP unit and solid fuel boiler.

Take advantage of these benefits

  • Less time and effort required for installation thanks to commissioning assistant
  • Straightforward system operation via intuitive programming unit with colour touchscreen
  • Burner reset via the programming unit
  • WiFi interface for communication with the Vitosoft  300 (SID1) service tool
  • Energy cockpit for displaying energy yields and energy consumption
  • Integral cascade control for up to 8 single boilers
  • Vitogate  300 interface for higher-level building management systems

Vitocontrol-M system control unit

Control and monitoring of multi mode systems and energy centres

The Vitocontrol-M is a powerful, modular system control unit with graphic user interface that displays all the performance and consumption data of an energy system and can be adapted to specific customer needs. From operation as a simple, pre-configured control unit for multi mode systems, the system can be expanded to interface with complex, networked building management systems.

Complete overview on one screen – even remotely

Home screen of the Vitocontrol 200-M

The home screen depicts all of the function units as simplified interactive graphics. For example, system components are arranged and networked in groups for cooling, low temperature heat and high temperature heat. The system scheme has been reduced to a single operating screen for improved clarity. This allows you to quickly check up on the system status at any time.

Users can call up specific system information at any time from wherever they are via internet communication, which is available as standard.  Various safety functions can be integrated on request.

Touchscreen for status display

Vitocontrol 200-M component status display

The status of every component –– both in the heat generator as well as the cooling equipment –– can be ascertained by simply tapping the touchscreen. Detailed information on operating states, temperatures or current output is shown.

Authorised system users can set all of the necessary parameters for the start and stop conditions of various heat and cooling generators via a password-protected configuration level.

Quick integration through flexible interfaces

Thanks to a large number of commonly used interface modules, the Vitocontrol-M control unit can be quickly integrated into, or connected to, existing building or energy management systems and tailored to specific system requirements.

Tiered functions

Also available alongside the Vitocontrol 200-M is the Vitocontrol 100-M which features a tiered range of pre-configured functions.

Vitocontrol 200-M

Scalable in function and scope of service

Based on the optimised function modules for Viessmann heat and cooling generators, the logic can be appropriately and individually adapted to suit local requirements. With Viessmann, you have access to qualified engineers who can provide you with assistance at every stage, from the design concept right through to subsequent conversion measures. You determine the level of support yourself based on tailored service packages.

The high degree of flexibility means that the software can be customised to suit any heating centre and, if necessary, can be adapted via the internet.

Vitocontrol 100-M

The Vitocontrol 100-M is designed to control heating systems in municipal and commercial areas, as well as in apartment buildings.

Wide range of functions

Thanks to the wide range of functions of the Vitocontrol 100-M and the perfectly matched components from the extensive Viessmann product range, it is possible to configure efficient systems. A key feature here is the multi mode cascade function for up to four different heat generators.

Communication systems

Intelligent solutions for communication with medium sized and industrial/commercial boilers

Internet data communication enables an energy centre to be monitored at any time, and parameters to be adjusted for efficient operation.

From large residential complexes to utility buildings, Viessmann communication systems offer intelligent solutions for data communication with heating and cooling systems, perfectly matched to the differing requirements of system operators, contractors and power supply utilities.

Vitodata 300 for multi boiler systems

The Vitocom 300 internet data communication module with Vitodata 300 is the professional monitoring tool for larger residential properties or utility buildings. It is designed with heat supply utilities, contractors and municipal services in mind, as such customers value quick and reliable inspection, maintenance and optimisation of their energy systems.

Amongst the many control functions are options for setting switching times, operating programs, holiday programs and set values (level/slope), checking operating states and temperatures, and adjusting parameters. In addition, the system can display energy consumption and can be used for billing. Fault messages are forwarded to the relevant service engineer by SMS, fax or email.

Vitocom 300 LAN

The LAN version of the Vitocom 300 enables data transfer via DSL/Ethernet networks at speeds of up to 100 MB/s. The type of data encryption used here guarantees an optimum level of security.

Vitogate 300 interface for building automation

Vitogate 300 is a solution for connecting boilers and heat pumps to a higher-level building management system via a standardised BACnet or Modbus protocol. Via the gateway, the energy system, with all its relevant components and operating parameters, can be visualised and operated from the control centre. This gives system users the option to be kept up to date on the current status of their system and to perform settings such as programming set room temperatures

Multi boiler system – standard functions for connectivity and remote monitoring

  1. Vitodata  300 for online monitoring
  2. Vitosoft 300 for service calls via WiFi
  3. Vitotronic 200-H (type HK1B/HK3B) weather-compensated control unit for three heating circuits with mixer

System overview – control units and applications

FunctionsVitotronic 100Vitotronic 200Vitotronic 300
High-contrast colour touchscreen for good legibility
Centralised operation of the entire system    
Different operating levels for system users and heating contractors
Individual day and seven-day programs, divided according to heating circuits, DHW heating and DHW circulation pump  
Automatic summer/wintertime changeover  
Display of solar yield in conjunction with SM1 solar control module or Vitosolic 100/200
Solar reheating suppression for the boiler in conjunction with SM1 solar control module or Vitosolic 100/200
Energy cockpit for displaying consumption and yield data
Context-sensitive help function
Party and economy functions  
Holiday program  
Energy saving functions  
Control for up to 2 mixer circuits  
Plug & work function for automatic recognition and adaptation of sensors and system accessories
Service interval display for needs-based maintenance
Quick installation, commissioning and maintenance thanks to Rast-5 plug-in system and integral diagnostic system
Program selection for regulated screed drying  
WiFi service interface for checking and adjusting parameter settings with a laptop
LAN interface for internet connectivity
Direct connection of up to 32 Vitotronic 200-H heating circuit control units, each with up to three heating circuits  ■*
Cascade function    ■*
Integration into the building management system via Vitogate 300■*■*
Remote monitoring and remote control in conjunction with Vitocom 300 LAN3 and Vitodata 300■*■*■*
EA1 extension module for controlling boiler water temperature and burner output
Variable speed boiler circuit pump in conjunction with PM1 pump module
Commissioning assistant
* LON communication module as accessory